Let’s Go Fitness

Let’s Go Fitness has been providing a unique fitness experience to its members for more than 20 years, allowing them to achieve their fitness and health goals in the best conditions possible.

Let’s Go Fitness centers offer innovative and fully equipped fitness spaces, a wide range of group courses, wellness spaces and the access to partner physiotherapists that are often located on site.

With more than 68 fitness centers, Let’s Go Fitness is the largest fitness center network in Switzerland. Mostly developed in the French-speaking part of the country, it is currently expanding in the German part as well.  The membership gives access to all the centers of the company, offering a high level of flexibility to all members.

Activity Sector

Fitness Center

“The potential and dynamism of the region were decisive in establishing Gland’s Let’s Go Fitness center”

About the building

Let’s Go Fitness center in Gland is located next to the main road axes connecting Geneva and Lausanne. The dynamism and potential of the region offer a great visibility to the center.

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