GBY SA – Go By Yourself

GBY SA is a start-up fighting to transform reduced mobility into a multitude of accessible possibilities.

Sebastian, wheelchair user himself and tetraplegic since 2013, had an idea: to stimulate the natural movement of the legs through the arms and vice versa. He then develops an e-bike which he can ride on the road or around nature, the GO-TRYKE®.

Since then, GBY SA imagines, develops and designs products adapted to people with reduced mobility to enable them to regain maximum autonomy.

Activity Sector

Equipment for people with reduced mobility

“We are proud and happy to break down the prejudices about physical or mental differences and show that we can all be equal”

About the building

This site gives our company a certain visibility to people who might not have had the opportunity to cross our path, or simply who do not know that a high-tech company based in the canton of Fribourg is working to give more freedom and autonomy to people with reduced mobility.

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